Welcome to my little piece of internet<3

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my blog 🙂 My name is Jesusita, Yes like a girl Jesus or Jesus with an (ita) at the end, the nick names and explanations to my name are endless haha. It’s great, I love seeing what other creative ideas people that I meet can come up with! When someone asks me about a nick name I never know how to answer because I have SO many that I will answer to almost any! But yes, my name is Jesusita (Heh-soose-ee-tah).

But enough about my name, here is a little bit about me.

I am a Sagittarius, born the year of the horse, raised in Southern California. I am of Mexican decent, my parents are both from a small town in Culiacan, Sinaloa MX. I grew up very family oriented, I have always had the desire to help and care for others for as long as I can remember. This lead me to face some not so pleasant times in middle school but that’s for another day.

Growing up I played some sports (Soccer and basketball) before I discovered my passion for dancing. My first dance class was ballet followed by the traditional dance of Folklorico, then Hip-Hop and cheerleading and finally my latest adventure till this day, which is the latin dances of Salsa and Bachata. Till this day dancing is one of the things that makes me the most happy in this world but circumstances have lead me to leaving and coming back to dance since the first time I stepped into a dance studio.

Today I have two degrees, an Associates and a Bachelors which I completed in 2016. YAY ME!! I studied at community college close to home and moved up to the central/northern region of California at the University of California, Santa Cruz for my Bachelors where I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Europe for 4 months during the summer of 2015. I moved back down to Los Angeles with my parents after completing my undergraduate career and well let’s just say that I am in for a rude awakening. It has not been all flowers and dandelions since I came back.

So come along on this new journey of mine and see what happens!

I would like to use this blog to reach out and connect with those whom share similar interests and experiences in life with me 🙂 I will be sharing my insights to life from my perspective and tips for Travel, Beauty, Fashion and Home “stuff” that I have collected along the way 🙂

Enjoy the view 🙂 x

Lets be friends!


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