Third time’s a charm!!!

Apparently it’s true, at least in my case it was! Unfortunately the first two meetings I had with possible internships did not workout but I am a strong believer that it was for a reason because today I met with the editor in chief of Roaming is a lifestyle magazine that prints once a month and is updating their website daily. Roaming promotes the ultimate guide to Rome’s cultural scene, events and lifestyle. In the magazine and on the website one can find all sorts of activities and events available all year long. You can find Featured events, eating, drinking, lifestyle, shopping, events, and a monthly calendar that offers activities to do in Rome every day of the month. On the website you can also find additional information such as places to go outside of Rome, nightlife locations, etc. One month ago they released their new Web magazine “Mi.Mag” which is an English-language web magazine focused on the culture, entertainment, and style of Milan. It is the go-to “Live like a local” city guide for both tourists and expats visiting or living in Milan for the EXPO, and beyond.

I am very excited to work with my mentor because I think I can gain a lot from him and the company. I will be in charge of updating both Facebook pages for the company, updating their Instagram, as well as updating their website when needed. The company also hosts events and I am looking forward to also learning from that as well since it is something I plan to pursue in the near future.


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