Post College Blues

So as mentioned in My Little Piece of Internet post, I’m a recent college grad. I have been back home in the “Greater Los Angeles Area” or so the media likes to call it lol for a little over a month now. The struggle is more real than ever. I don’t have a deadline or a return to college date anymore. I am no longer a student (WHAT?!). All I’ve known in my life is the life of a student (as many can relate). The most serious it has gotten was moving out of my parents house for college. Even then, I had the government helping me financially and I got a part time job at some point just to have a little extra income. But as of mid March 2016 I am a free bird to do whatever and be whatever I want and I am completely lost and drowning in this infinite ocean we call “The Real World”.

Student loans are banging on my door and I do not have a source of income yet. I thank God for my infinitely supporting parents that I sometimes feel I don’t deserve for being there for me because if it weren’t for them I’d probably be working at your local Starbucks or Mc Donald’s trying to survive and pay off my loans with any scrap of money I can make. So I guess you can say I’m lucky to have my parents support meanwhile I find a career or a job that I would actually enjoy and will get me a decent income. The thing is that problem lies exactly here….

As graduates, we aspire to have a higher education to find better/high paying jobs, the articles are endless about how it gets harder each passing day for recent graduates becakuse the moment we leave the university we are faced with the struggle of not having the sufficient work experience for the jobs that we desire. So what are we to do??? All we know are internships and part time jobs that we have had while we were studying. Involvement and internships are many times not enough experience for the jobs we want. And we don’t want to sell ourselves short or make our education go to the garbage by settling for a job where you don’t even NEED a higher education.

Who else is facing this struggle with me and what have you done to get through it without completely giving up on your dreams for a job that will pay the bills? Or even worse, how do you keep from completely falling into depression from the constant No’s and frustration of not being good enough for what you really want to do?

Please, I would be eternally grateful for insights from anyone who has gone through this. Even finding others that are going through the same thing would be great because then I would know I’m not the only one that feels worthless in this world.

This all sounds pretty dark and I apologize, I promise I’m not always this cynical lol it’s just extra hard to find the light of day at this time in my life.

Regardless, if you’re still reading this you’re gifted with patience and I really hope you’ve had a beautiful day 🙂

-Jesusita 🙂 x


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