A World Full of No’s

I write this trying my hardest to swallow back my tears.

I am tired of crying everytime I get a rejection email or call from yet another company that tells me that they won’t be offering me the position I felt was perfect for me.

I was doing great at not getting excited about any one position I applied for becuase the disappointment hurts me that much more when they call me or email me only to reject my application. The most annoying part is that stupid sentence they always use “We regret to inform you……blah blah blah” It bothers me SO MUCH because they regret nothing!! If you did regret it you wouldn’t do it!!! ugh…. it would make more sense if they said “We’re sorry that we can’t take you at this time” but they clearly aren’t regreting it because when someone regrets something they wish that there was something they can do about it, and they have the power to do something. So in them saying that they regret to reject me seems like such a sugar coated lie and only makes me even more irritated. Maybe i’m just speaking out of anger and frustration I am feeling right now but once again I found a position that I thought was ideal for me and once again I got a regretful No…

I’m having a really hard time understanding…. If you’ve read my other posts Post College Blues or How I get through the tougher days you’ll see my frustration about having two degrees and still not feeling good enough to do anything I want to for a career.

It is so devistating that having two degrees an associates and a bachelors, I have to resort back to work at a retail store or a coffee shop where I know i’m over qualified but it’s what I have to settle for since I am out of time and my student loans have been due for 2 months already and I am tired of taking my parents money.

How am I supposed to keep my head up? When I feel so defeated and discouraged everytime I get excited about a new position I apply for but end up with nothing but a no?

What’s wrong with me??? 😦

Thank you for listening.. I hope you have had a much better day than I have.

-Jesusita x



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