Is Technology REALLY Everything?

I recently broke my phone 😦 last week to be exact.

Waaaahhhhhhh!! And yes…. of course it was an iPhone -_- I feel like when it’s about a broken phone 99% of the time it is an iPhone lol.

It didn’t shatter like they normally do when you accidently drop it, but half of my phone vertically is blacked out. So I can only see the right side of the screen 😦

Turns out that not every feature on iPhones flip horizontally when you turn the phone on a different direction… So apps like Instagram and Snapchat I can’t use anymore because I can’t see the screen! 😦

Now, I don’t have a money tree growing in my backyard and I am not due for an upgrade to get a new one at a good price for another year or maybe more. SO there’s really nothing I can do! Apple is definitely NOT going to give me a new one… those bullies. So all I can do is wait… with a half broken phone and limited social medias 😦

I didn’t go crazy and think “OMG MY LIFE IS OVER!” because I am well aware that this phone is a luxury and not a necesity. Honestly the worst part for me is that I can not take pictures anymore 😦 </3 That is literally the #1 reason why I want a new phone. And being able to see a full screen would be nice too haha.

But this is where I thought of this title “Is Technology really Everything?” I ask this question because when I remembered that there are worse things in the world, I also thought “I don’t need technology anyway” “I’m probably better off without it.” But then I thought, actually, is that even true anymore? DO we need technology? and will I really be better off without it? Because now a days I use my phone for EVERYTING. Emails, paying bills, talking to famly and friends, etc. so realistically speaking technology kind of IS a big deal. And we in many ways make everyday life easier and allows us to take care of business faster to be able to do more with any extra time.

So what do you guys think? Am I being really selfish for wanting a new phone that I can take good pictures with and will they allow me to get things off the To-Do list faster?

Or Is technology to a certain point actually necessary?

Thank you so much for listening!! I hope you have a beautiful day 🙂

-Jesusita 🙂 x


2 thoughts on “Is Technology REALLY Everything?

  1. Saurab says:

    It’s kind of become a necessity now. The whole world is hopped up on high tech, if you aren’t then you are bound to miss out on a lot of things.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind going back in time a little, when technology wasn’t such a big thing. Life was simpler and less cluttered back then. Obviously, I wouldn’t be commenting on this post if that was the case 😛

    Good article. I liked the reflection 🙂

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