La Dolce Vita di Roma, Italia

Buongiorno/Buonasera !!

Come Va?! Buona spero!

Good Morning/Good Afternoon!! How are you?! Good I hope!

During my time in Italy I had the joy of working as an intern for Antonio the editor in chief of magazine and this is an article I put together for them and thought it would be extremely helpful for anyone looking to travel to Rome. These are all suggestions based on my personal experiences while I was abroad and research that I put together as a guide for anyone looking to save money while visiting the Ancient city. Enjoy!

purple drive europe 744TRASPORTI – TRANSPORTATION

Spending time on setting transportation plans once you have arrived the city is the last thing you want to deal with especially if your time is limited! Yes taxis will get you from point A to point B the fastest, but it is also the most expensive.

  • Airport transportation from Ciampino airport to Rome city center termini station is only 4 Euro on Terravision bus.
  • Airport transportation from Fiumicino airport to Rome city center termini station is also 4 Euro on Terravision bus.
  • In-city transportation:
    • Roma Pass is best for those visiting for a short period of time (2-3 days). Roma Pass gives you full access to free transportation on bus, tram and metro for up to 3 days as well as free or discounted entrance to museums and attractions throughout the city.
    • Tram/Bus/Metro tickets – Depending on how many days you are staying, the best option is to buy the 3 day ticket (16,50) or a one week ticket (24,00) they allow you unlimited usage of public transportation during your stay without having to purchase a ticket every time you need to hop on the bus. Tickets must be purchased in advance from tabacchis, newsstands, or vending machines at metro and major bus stops.
*Keep in mind the Italian habit of not being on time so not all busses and trams will arrive at the time the schedules indicate, always give yourself additional time when traveling in the city.

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One of the most wonderful attributes that Rome has is that it is literally an open air museum. Every street and turn of a corner is intriguing to the eye.

  • Churches – The best way to explore Rome for free. Each church with its uniqueness is sure to keep your creative side indulged for hours. The ceilings of art and statues of marble by grand artists are endless.
    • You can see the work of Caravaggio in Santa Maria del Popolo, Bernini’s statue of Saint Teresa in Ecstacy at Santa Maria della Vitoria.
    • St. Ignatius church ceiling is one you do not want to miss.
    • Basilica di San Pietro where Pope Francesco gives a general address to the people every Wednesday morning.
  • Trevi fountain – The ever famous fountain by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Nicola Salvi and  Pietro Bracci is now open again after 4 years of restoration.
  • Piazza Navona – One of the most beautiful plaza’s of Rome with the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi and the ever respected church of Sant’Agnese.
  • Pantheon – World famously known for being the world’s largest concrete dome on its Rotunda with an Oculus that opens up to the sky.
  • Castel Sant’Angelo Museum – Originally built as a mosuleum for emperor Hadrian and his family which was later used by popes as a castle.
    • View of the Vatican
    • View of Ponte Sant’Angelo/Bridge of Hadrian

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  • Roma Pass: The most economical and time efficient way through the museums of Rome.
    • 48 hour Roma Pass for 28 euros includes: 1 museum for free, unlimited use of metro, buses & trams. Reduced price ticketing for events, exhibitions and tourist services.
    • 3 day Roma Pass for 36 euros includes: 2 museums for free, unlimited use of metro, buses & trams. Reduced price ticketing for events, exhibitions and tourist services.
  • Vatican Museum including the Sistine Chapel
    • For fewer lines the Vatican Museum “Night Opening” is every Friday 24 April – 6 October 7pm-11pm (last admission at 9:30pm).
    • Reduced price 8 Euro for students under 26 years old with valid evidence.
    • Free entrance on the last sunday of every month and children under 6 years old.
  • Capitoline Museum
    • Roma Pass: skip the line, free if used as one of the free entries.
    • Reduced Price: 9 Euro for visitors 6-25 years old. Roma Pass if used as third visit or any site onwards.
    • Free entrance: Residents of Rome on the first sunday of every month. Students with valid evidence.
  • Colosseum/Palantine hill/Roman Forum
    • Roma Pass: skip the line, free if used as one of the free entries and those under 17 years old. Students of Academies of fine arts or equivalent institutes of the European union with proof.
    • Reduced Price: E.U. citizens 18-25 years of age.
  • Palazzo delle Esposizioni
    • Reduced Ticket: 8 Euro for Roma Pass and anyone 7-18 years old. 6 Euro for children under 6 years old. 4 Euro for students in Rome Friday and Saturday after 7 pm.
    • Free entrance: First Wednesday of every month and for those under 30 years old 2pm-7pm.
  • Galleria Borghese
    • Roma Pass: Skip the line
    • Reduced prices: 6,50 Euro for those 18-25 years old
    • Free entrance: EU students and teachers of Fine Arts, Humanities or Architecture with documentation of enrollment and EU citizens under 18 years.


  • Spanish Steps in Piazza de Espagna
  • Via Borghese (Park and Cinema)
  • Impeccable city view from Via Borghese Park
  • Via del Corso
  • Piazza del Popolo
  • Aventine Keyhole – View of Saint Peter’s Basilica Dome from a Key Hole on Aventine Hill.

Benitez europe 2661MERCATI – MARKETS

  • Mercato di Porta Portese in Trastevere every Sunday
  • Campo de’ Fiori Market everyday
  • Monti’s vintage market
    • near Colosseum, “Urban market” every weekend at conference hall of grand hotel Palatino.
  • Gianicolo Hill view

Benitez europe 4381MANGIARE – EATING

  • Pastificio – delicious 4 Euro pasta and free wine (lunch & dinner)
  • Forno Campo De’Fiori
  • Sapori e Delizie
  • Pizzeria del Secolo

Benitez europe 4270BEVANDE – DRINKING

Please stay hydrated! The water in the city is FREE!!! Street fountains! They are everywhere on sidewalks and against walls. Some of the most refreshing water I have ever had. It looks scary but TRUST it is very clean and very good water (ask the locals). Do not confuse them with fountain water which is NOT drinkable. Unless it is the fountain in front of the Spanish Steps.

  • The Hole
  • Habana
  • Barnim Cafe
  • Ai Tre Scalini
  • Jerry Thomas Speakeasy
  • Taza d’Oro

Benitez europe 4356GELATO

  • Giolitti
  • Fatamorgana
  • La Romana
  • Gelateria dei Gracchi
  • Frigidarium (Pic above)
  • I’ll Gelato San Crispino


Most tourists tend to stay in the Trastevere area. It is well known by locals that it is the spot for tourists. This is where I stayed during my time in the city (my view above). But if you would like to get a feel of a more private are I would suggest looking into areas like Monti, close to the coloseum. It has more of a neighborhood feel and is known for being more “hipster” than other regions of the city.


The End!

Given this extended and possibly overwhelming list of activities and places to see I still feel like I have so much more to share!

If anyone is interested in additional details on any one particular section or location feel free to let me know and I will gladly make a more detailed post on any one section alone 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you have a beautiful day!

-Jesusita 🙂 x


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