Dear Hiring Manager,

My name is No One Cares and I would like to work for you. The reason why you should hire me is because I am an unemployed broke college graduate and nobody wants to hire an unexperienced graduate fresh out the nest. I have spent the last 6 years studying my brains out receiving an Associate Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in order to be able to get a well-paying job with integrity. I have come to the realization that my degrees mean little to nothing without experience regardless of the thousands of dollars in dept that I am. Sometimes  I feel like I can’t breathe with the thought of having to depend on my parents again as a 25-year-old to pay for my loans and bills every month. This does major harm to my dignity and my pride. I try to swallow it every day but it just keeps coming back when I remember that I am 25 years old with two degrees and have not been able to get a job since I moved back home in march.

Please hire me, I swear I am a good person, I will work hard, I just need somebody to take me under their wings and show me the basics steps. I am determined to succeed, I may be awkward at our interview but trust me I know I can do any job you ask me to do.


A sad college graduate who has lost all self-hope and self-worth.


10 thoughts on “Dear Hiring Manager,

  1. Jay Colby says:

    This was a great post well said. It’s also inspiring to me because I am in the process making my dreams come true by starting a business. Where I can give great people like yourself a opportunity to continue to be great!

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  2. Claudia Hernandez says:

    Wow. This made me scared to start college for some reason. I hope you find a good job, that you enjoy and pays well:) thank you for sharing this, it helped me to know the reality we have to face after college sometimes.

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    • itsjesusita says:

      Don’t be scared! I don’t regret it one bit. College is an amazing experience but I definitely wish I did more internships during my time to rack up that experience 🙂 Good luck to you too! and thank you 🙂

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  3. ZoeDoesLife says:

    I feel this so much. I graduated a year ago and I’m working two jobs that I feel over qualified for, which don’t interest me just so I can save money. Meanwhile all the jobs I actually want require ‘experience’ even though I’ve done internships and I have a degree it’s still not enough!

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  4. Boss in the middle says:

    I think it depends on which types of jobs you are attempting to get hired at, right? Also, how are you approaching the interview? You could almost use any experience as a springboard to a new job/career. For example, when I hire folks, I look for integrity and values, rather than technical competence. I feel like we can teach anyone the “job”. Having worked hard in college and obtaining a degree is hard work, so it should be measured as such. How is your emotional intelligence? People that come into interviews with knowledge of our company shows they’ve done their homework. I also would hire anyone that worked in fast food or retail based on their work ethic. Showing up on time, being coachable, understanding culture, etc… These are all favorable attributes for a person to have when going for that “dream job”. Good luck and may God go with you. Don’t ever think that experiences can’t be utilized for your good.

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