Learning From The Failures

I have come to the realization that throughout the process of finding a career right after graduating college without job offers lined up for me like some of my classmates had the fortune to have has been greatly difficult but at the same time helpful.

I wrote about how this world is filled with No’s and how company’s do not want to hire inexperienced college graduates. I still stand by these beliefs but I am at the same time now grateful for the numerous rejections I have received. The  reason why is because they have all allowed me to come back from them and evaluate myself. I have learned many things from the many interviews that I have had such as presenting myself more efficiently and professionally. I have been learning how to pick and choose what words to use to explain myself more clearly. One of the most important things that I think I have gained in this process is to stay calm and lower my anxiety when interviewing. I have managed to not see my interviewer as such an intimidating figure but more as an equal. Yes they do have many years of experience and they know the field 100 times more than I do but I realize that reminding myself that they too were in our same position with minimal experience so they understand where you are coming from.

Also, a good interviewer will make you feel comfortable because they know you are in a vulnerable position. My best interviewers have been with those that care to listen to what you have to say and explain their questions thoroughly. I think it is just as important for the interviewer to be thorough as the interviewees.

I had an interview just about 20 minutes ago and it was not my greatest interview unfortunately but it was okay in the sense that it was thorough. They asked specific questions that I hope I answered clearly enough and they can see me as a potential candidate. What I loved about this company is that it offers a great and positive environment to grow and learn from. Regardless if I get called back or not, I always walk away from an interview learning more about myself and how to continue improving.

Thank you for reading! Good luck to you and your endevors!

I hope you have a beautiful day,

-Jesusita 🙂 xo


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