Budgeting and Saving? What is this!?

As I am 3 days shy of beginning my new job I have been thinking about how I need to budget my earnings and how I will be saving. All of a sudden the pay that I will be receiving does not seem nearly enough for the goals that I am trying to set haha agh!

I want to move out of my parents house by the end of this year meaning that I need to save up for a down payment to start off with. I want to get a good start on paying back my student loans as soon as possible so I need to start budgeting how much I need to set aside for that each month. I absolutely NEED to clear my credit card debts before I even start saving which I see taking about 3 months. Eek!! The beauty of america and its credit debt! lol NOT! So given that, I should be able to start saving in October for my down-payment. Maybe November because in July I want to pay back my parents for what they have been helping me with during my time of unemployment and I want to renew my Disneyland Pass to be able to go with my family this month because they are visiting from Mexico for the first time ever!! I know that last part is a luxury but I’m expecting it to be my ONLY luxury.

I’m so nervous for this because I have never been the best in savings, I usually tend to get excited about having the ability to finally have an income and be able to buy myself things!! This is going to be the ultimate test of my will-power.


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