Parties back to back!

Wow. I am exhausted! Let’s start off with the fact that I’ve been sleeping 4-5 hours a night this week. BUT! It’s not just this week, it’s been a whole month filled with events every single weekend ! And it’s one thing to just attend the events and a completely different thing when you’re in charge of them. Starting with the first week July, my cousin got married and I helped them plan their wedding from start to finish. The week after a friend had a party for his father in law. My boyfriend and I helped with the entertainment. The week after was my grandparents 50 year anniversary aka their wedding because they had never had a wedding. It was so beautiful and emotional! For this event I was also in charge since the beginning, I decorated the gymnasium at their church. I loved it, it looked so good! They said that nobody had ever decorated that gym so well. The day after the wedding our initiate family which is like 20 people! All went to big bear lake and spent a couple days there 🙂

Then there’s this week! I put together a birthday party for my little cousin Repunsel themed 🙂 and finally yesterday I had my sisters baby shower which I also organized for her. So after like 2 months of making DIY’s, not sleeping well, directing parties and working a full time job. I’m exhausted is the least I can say haha. And it’s over for now because yesterday I had family asking to help them too with their parties haha!! And my boyfriend and I just got asked to put together a baby shower for our friend haha.

Might as well make it a business!!

How is everyone?? If anyone reads this! Lol I hope you’re doing great and having a wonderful Sunday fun day!

-Jesusita xo 🙂


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