Oh Monday Fundays!

I actually typically enjoy Monday’s so long I’ve had a good Sunday. I think Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week. Many people dread them because Sunday’s to them mean work tomorrow. For me it’s Sunday yet another day of relaxation before going into work on Monday refreshed and ready to make yet another week of work amazing 🙂 wouldn’t you agree? I hope so because this is what helps me actually enjoy Monday’s! 

Monday’s mean clean clothes, new outfit options, maybe you want to try a different lip color or a different hair style! The options are endles! Maybe you found a new pair of shoes you’re excited to walk into the office in or maybe there was a 7 for $27 sale at Victoria’s Secrete over the weekend and you’re excited for new undies !!! It’s the little things that make a huge difference because even the company of a nice cup of coffee makes any day already the start of a great day 🙂

What makes your Monday a Monday  Funday?! I’d love to know!!

Hope you had/have a beautiful day!



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