Building Positive Environments

I like to believe that I am generally a positive person…

Reasons for that is because  I don’t let things get to me so easily. I am able to take and make jokes and I like to see the bright side In any situation that may arise. I don’t like to show others I am bothered especially to those whom do not know me. 

How come it is so hard for other people to do the same? I am surrounded by some people on the daily basis who are always giving off negative vibes. They just seem upset or angry all day long and there is no room for me to ask conversational questions such as “How was your day?” Or “How are you doing?” Because I get the feeling that their answer is going to be unpleasant and filled with whining and complaining which is not the type of conversation I am looking for. Of course there are unpleasant things that occur and at times we feel the need to vent out and just get it off out chest which I completely understand since it happens to me all the time or to anyone as a matter of fact. But there is line where venting turns into constant nagging and dreadful to listen to. I’m sure anyone can relate. I enjoy positive and happy conversations that are not cut short to a yes or a no. A conversation that goes farther than “I’m alright.” Maybe it is just me but if I am going to be spending a large portion of my day everyday with someone I want to make it the most enjoyable as possible even if it is going to take some work! Because unlike some of the people I spend most of my day with, I want to enjoy my everyday life not dread it. 

Who else has these types of people in their everyday lives? What do you do to lighten up the mood around you and that person? Is there something that I should be doing to make this environment more open and uplifting? Any suggestions would help greatly! Thank you in advance!! 
I hope you’ve had or have a beautiful day!

-Jesusita :)xo 


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