September is already here!!

Where oh where has the time gone?!

I cannot begin to understand or even explain to you how fast I feel this year has gone by. 2016 has definitely been on fast-forward and did not slow down for anyone!

Nevertheless I am super excited for the Fall season coming in. I miss my scarves and my boots and all the comfy warm clothes during the chilly days 🙂

I am most excited to be home for the holidays while having a secure income! For the first time in a VERY long time I feel like I am able to splurge on little things and what better time to splurge on little things than NOW with the holidays sneaking up on us so fast!

I cannot wait for the Halloween and Christmas decorations!! ahh! I can already hear the christmas music playing in my imagination everywhere I go and I am not even kidding lol.

Michaels and World Market are about to become my bestfriends and my bank account’s worst enemy haha!

What makes you most excited about the fall? Is it the holidays also?? 🙂


I hope you have had a beautiful day!!




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