An update on WORK

I write this as I sit at my work desk, eek!

I am coming up on 4 months at this job and it has been interesting to say the least. I love what I am working for, it is a company that works to improve the lives of children everyday. What I am not the biggest fan of though is the way that the office is managed.

I know that anywhere I work there are going to be people along the way that I will not necessarily agree with on everything and that is okay, I completely understand that we are all different in our own way. But when it gets to a point where you dread going to your office because of the people you are working with it sucks! I have only been here 4 months like I said and I already cannot stand somethings about it. 

People in the workplace:

We all have that one person that thinks that the world revolves around them and makes every subject of conversation about themselves somehow.

I do not understand these types of people lol, I find it funny more than anything because I do not see how some people can be so self observed. Like don’t you get tired of talking about yourself? I don’t know if it is just me but when I talk about myself even a little bit I start feeling selfish and thinking to myself “Why do these people even care about anything that I have to say about my personal life?” haha but maybe that is just me.

I have also come to realize that I spend more time with my coworkers than I do with my own family so we are bound to get to know a lot about each other eventually especially since we are (let’s admit it) technically in a relationship. It sounds weird I know but it is true! In a full time job we spend about 50% of your days with these people! So you come to get to know them better than many people in your life whom you may have known for years!

But besides that you also get to meet some wonderful amazing friends!! I am lucky to have met a wonderful coworker whom I can call a friend now but she is working in a different office than me 😦

So I do not see myself in this company for longer than a year because it is very un-organized. I want to do something that makes me excited for the goals I set for myself. I began this position being told one thing and beginning with the company I was expected to do other things. This company is very short staffed and they have been trying to hire people for months now. I asked for a raise due to the amount of work that does not pertain to me that I have been doing but that was denied since we are supposed to hire someone new. This was 4 months ago and who knows how long they had already been trying to hire for that position. It has gotten to the point where there is no communitcation. Everybody refers people to other people and nobody knows what anybody is in charge of. They love to point fingers and avoid responsibility as much as possible. It seems like they do enough to cover their own ass and then leave it to someone else to deal with. These people are not team players and are almost never willing to go an extra step to help someone else.


For example so and so was more than willing to take someone to target for little to no reason but did not want to take someone else to buy monitors that we need for our new suite haha where does that even make sense? They play a lot of favorites and talk a lot of crap. They are just not nice people and they are very bitter.

I am ready to start looking for something else. Somewhere where employees appreciate eachother and don’t talk behind eachothers back at the first chance that they get.
Thank you for letting me rant…

Jesusita :)xo


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