What is saving anyway!?

It’s so easy to get consumed in the habit of buying all the things you’ve always wanted once you start earning your own money. At least that is what I am currently going through right now. I am finally earning more than minimum wage and I have gotten so caught up in the ability to buy things that money goes by so quickly. Sometimes I stop to think “How the HELL did I survive off of $100 a month when I was unemployed?!” It seems nearly impossible to go a week alone without spending $300!! Ugh and lets not even get into it with SAVINGS!!! To say the least, I don’t even have a savings account opened yet :/ I know it’s irresponsible but I just can’t seem to have enough to open one yet!! I’ve been telling myself for weeks now “Okay THIS paycheck I’ll open a savings account” and here I am today without a savings account FML!! But I am DETERMINED!!! I want to move out, get a new car and start traveling this year. This year is the year!!! I know it and I can feel it!! 😀

Anyone have some good savings methods that help you save ?? I have started off with not buying lunch during my lunch breaks so I guess that’s saving me a good 40-50$ a week So I’m taking baby steps but with so many bills it’s so hard to budget for savings right now especially since I want to start with a good $500 in my savings. Maybe this is where my issue lies, I should just start and put $50 in a savings lol. Agh adulating sucks!!

Well I hope you have a beautiful day!

-Jesusita xo


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