When the Universe just wants to test you…

It’s been a rough start this week to say the least… talk about Monday blues :/ I had the roughest start to the week that i’ve had in a long time. I have not been this close to a mental breakdown in a good while. The only reason I didn’t get there was because I did NOT allow myself to shed a single tear for greedy-money hungry-selfish (noun I’d rather use but shouldn’t) people. Let me just walk you through this series of unfortunate events that was my Monday lol

I wake up exhausted because I’ve had like 6-8 hours of sleep all weekend with a nap or two here and there. But that’s fine, I made decisions that had lead me to be this tired so being tired doesn’t start my day off wrong, I just shower and get ready for the day. My car decided to give in on me Saturday so I know that I am taking my car to the mechanic before work. On my way to the mechanic which I BARELY made it to, my car COMPLETELY gives up and I feel like it is not even going to stop!!In my head as I was backing into the mechanic I was just like “Ohhh you’re about to pay for your car AND the one you’re about to run into!” But luckily the hand break saved me phew… So I leave the mechanic nervous AF because the way I left my car felt like it was going to cost me a fortune… :/ there goes all my “savings” that I don’t have.

I get to work a little early with my usual Good Morning not hating that it’s Monday attitude as I always do and I’m greeted with long face hating life attitudes as I always am, which this time was a heavier one than usual so in my head  I’m like “Okay then…That’s fine, that’s your life not mine.” I get to my desk, begin work and since I got to work this Saturday I begin to express to my coworker some issues that came up since it concerns her more than me and I think she should be aware about it. She right off the bat responds with THE NASTIEST tone I could’ve imagined. I began giving her the info as light hearted as I can because I knew that she would not want to have it. OMG she clearly DID NOT care and did not care to hear about it because that little tone got to the point where I had to respond back with my own tone. It is just beyond rude to me to feel the need to practically yell at ME the messenger for informing you about something that I thought you should know. Man was I boiling inside, but I did not let it go on. I simply did as I always do and put in my headphones and turned on my Netflix to forget about it. This is me 80% of the time at work by the way, I put on my headphones to push away their hater attitudes and negativity.

Luckily I keep busy and lunch time comes around faster than expected. During lunch I find out my car is ready and it wasn’t as bad as I expected so that’s great news!

The rest of the work day goes on and the “I hate everything about this place” attitude in the office DOES NOT go away. The whining and complaining goes on until they go home for the day.

After work I go to the nail salon that I had gone to get a gel mani on Sunday to express my concerns about the HORRIBLE work that I had done. I ask to speak to the manager and as I am telling him about how my nails started peeling and that the lady left the gel polish bumpy he has the audacity to talk to me like I’ve never gotten my nails done and that I don’t know what I’m talking about. OMG I was LIVID. I paid $20 fucking dollars for a gel polish to not last me 3 days?! I’m sorry but idk in what language I should express that THAT IS NOT OKAY! UGH!!! I RIGHT AWAY gave them a piece of my mind and ONE star on YELP!!

So after that heated discussion with the SO-CALLED MANAGER!! I went to my usual nail ladies and got them re-done. As I’m half way through my mani I get a text from a friend “Hey Guys! for practice today they’re painting the garage again so park on the 3rd floor and up” Instantly I reply “WHAT TIME?!” hoping she’d say 8:30-9pm because it’s 6:27 pm and I’m praying she doesn’t say 6:30pm. She responds with “Bahahaa ummm…6:30 -_-“ FUCKING GREAT!!!! OF COURSE!!!  Why would the universe be on my side NOW after the longest day EVER! I don’t tell the lady to hurry because what’s the point now?! I’m late already and practice is in the next city over. I ended up being and hour late but these people are amazing and the most understanding ❤ so I don’t get scolded yay!

At the end of the day I was SO happy that we had practice because it honestly made my day end on a happy note.. To the point that I even went to the gym after practice!!!

I SWEAR, if one more thing had gone wrong I would have broken. At the end of the night even if I saw something sad I would’ve cried lol I was holding on by a thread…

So I just thought I’d share this day of mine in particular because it is rare that I have a bad day. We all have bad moments in a day but I am not one to EVER let one single thing ruin my day. I’ve gotten pretty good at brushing the insignificant annoying or bad things in a day off and be able to recover from them to continue having the type of day I’d like.

Let me know if you’ve experienced similar circumstances. I would LOVE to read about them because at the end of the day I am well aware that there are worse things going on in the world, but our little lives still matter  and we are still affected by what others may think is insignificant. Maybe if all this happened throughout the week instead of all in one day it wouldn’t have brought me down like it did or maybe the stars were just not lined up in my favor this time but it’s these days that I am thankful for in the future because we come out stronger from them.

I hope you’ve had a beautiful day! –Jesusita J xo


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