BIRCHBOX V.S. PLAY! by Sephora-JUNE 2017

So I’ve been subscribed to BIRCHBOX for about a year now. When I initially subscribed I got both BIRCHBOX and the IPSY bag to compare both services. They are each affordable at $10 a month and what they are is monthly subscriptions which send you 5 sample size beauty items to try out. After the second month I ended my IPSY subscription because generally BIRCHBOX had much better products to offer even though IPSY does send a cute little makeup bag with every month’s package, their products did not seem worth it, I felt like i was paying for a $10 makeup bag essentially.

Recently I discovered Sephora’s PLAY monthly subscription which is also only $10 AND it also comes with a little makeup bag along with their 5 sample size products. I’ve decided to give it a try because number one it is from Sephora the makeup store of all makeup stores so they’re bound to send good products right!? So This is the second month I‘ve received the box and here is my review and comparison between BIRCHBOX and PLAY!




BIRCHBOX this month sent a total of 5 samples one of which to my dismay came defected and you’ll see in the photos below which one i’m talking about.

1.Manna Kadar Cosmetics


Manna Kadar Cosmetics                             Eye Candy Priming Shadow Stick – Honney|Full Size, $24

This is the one that came defected, it is a lovely color and i have tried it out and gives off a beautiful shine even as a highlight under the brows alone it looks gorgeous!

2. Neuman Beauty


Neuma Beauty Instant Fix | Full Size, $26 Lightwight leave-in spray to de-tangle, hydrate, protect and smooth strands. It is safe for chemically and color-treated hair.

I personally LOVE this product! I use it on my damp hair. It leaves my hair SO soft and silky once it dries.



Rose + Willowbark Purifying Mask|Full-Size, $38

The botanical blend of rose flower water and white willow bark combined with clarifying clay and skin softening rice makes tthis mask equally soothing as it is pore-perfecting.



Mineral Face SPF 30 Rosilliance – Golden | Full-Size, $52

This BB cream is good for anyone that has good skin and is looking for a light weight and minimal coverage. I personally do not think that it is worth the $52 for a full-size for the coverage that it gives. To me it almost looks like a tinted moisturizer.

5.Benefit Cosmetics


Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer – No. 2 (Light-Mediuem) | Full-Size, $20

This is one of my favorites in this box, it is exciting when you get a very well known brand. I had been wanting to try this concealer for some time now and was so happy to receive it!! I do like it but it is not as full coverage as I prefer for dark circles or acne scars. I use it to carve out my eyebrows and for that it works great but in my opinion you don’t need a $20 concealer to carve out the brows.

PLAY! By Sephora


The PLAY! box come with also 5 samples and a makeup pouch which I have conveniently using too just throw in my bag with some little touch up products that I might use throughout the day 🙂



OMNIA Crystalline – A fresh fragrance made with lotus flower, nacho, and balsa wood that evokes the radiance of a crystal.

Personally I don’t think this is worthy as one of the 5 samples. I’ve received many perfume products in past BIRCHBOXes and they come as a bonus 6th sample. Maybe this is worth more than others, but it is also a sample the you can get any day you walk into Sephora.

2. Kat Von D


Everlasting liquid lipstick in the color Lovesick.

I am fan of the formula in this liquid lipstick, it reminds me of the Stila liquid lipsticks, they are long lasting and dry very nicely without cracks or excessive drying.



Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

I am not much of a dry shampoo fan, I find that I’ve only used it when I am doing an up-do because it does add texture to the hair and helps keep the up-do in place with using little to no hairspray. But I personally do not like the feel of dry shampoo in my hair while it is down.



The POREfessional face primer

You don’t have to take my word to know that this primer is by far one of the best out there. Pretty much ANYONE who knows anything about makeup knows that this is a great product. I DEF recommend it and LOVED receiving it!!



Sea Spray

This spray contains seaweed and kelp extract to add texture and volume for loose waves. I actually gave this to my mom since she has wavier hair and figured she would put more use to it than I would. I have pretty straight hair and I didn’t think that a wave spray would really do much to add waves to my hair. But I;m sure it will love lovely on her wavy hair! I love that this is a more water base hair product for a more fresh look 🙂



*Well that was all for this month! They both had their highlights, My favorite from the BIRCHBOX would have to be the Neuman Beauty Instant Fix because it really left my hair so soft and it let my fingers run through my hair so smoothly even with the product in it.

My favorite from PLAY! by Sephora I would say was the POREfessional face primer by Benefit because you can never go wrong with a new primer.

Overall I’d say that this month BIRCHBOX was the better box although one of the products was defected :/ I do love that they include the price of the actual product size in the descriptions card which is something that the PLAY! box lacks :/

I hope this has helped you get an idea of the subscription boxes if you looking into deciding on which one to pick 🙂

Let me know if you’re subscribed to any other boxes and if you are subscribed to these and if you prefer one of another! I’d love to hear about it!

I hope you have a beautiful day!!

-Jesusita :)x


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