C'est la vie

Follow Your Dreams?

How do you follow your dreams when you don’t even know what those dreams are?

I Struggle with this question a lot.

I say what I THINK my dreams are but the reality is that I am not even sure I believe myself when I say it.

So how do I find out what I REALLY dream to do or be?

People say that it is what makes you the HAPPIEST. Some of the things that make me happiest is Dancing, eating and movies.

If those people would suggest I make a career out of one of those things, then what would I do with it/them that will give me the lifestyle I dream of?

Sometimes I think I dream more a lifestyle than an ideal career….and that makes zero logical sense…

Regardless, these happinesses of mine are so broad and it’s what every other person on this planet also loves to do.

I was watching La La Land and there is a scene where Mia no longer wants to pursue acting because it has reached a point where she feels like she has outgrown that part of her life and she says to Seb, “You said it, you change your dreams and then you grow up.”

I find this to be so relatable because it’s true, as we grow up we realize that our childhood dreams to be an amazing ballerina or movie actresses are way too farfetched and we don’t have the “gifts” that it takes to actually pursue these dreams. So we have to change those dreams and turn them into hobbies to be able to find OTHER dreams that we can make an actual career out of.

So how do I find something that makes me just as happy since I can’t be a professional dancer that will pay for my lifestyle and I am obviously not going to turn into singing and acting at the age of 26 lol.

One of my “changed dreams” through the years has been Event Planning or Event Producing, they go hand in hand in my opinion. My battle with this new “dream” though is that my love for this is the production of the event and not so much the hosting part of it. If that makes any sense at all you’ll know exactly what I mean. I enjoy everything leading up to the day of events including all the setting up on the day of the event but if I could, I would rather watch it all play out from a bird’s eye point of view instead of being at the actual event. The thing is that it seems that there is no way to get into this field without doing all the floor work first which includes attending the actual events, my least favorite part lol. agh. But as they say, “you gotta start somewhere.” The other thing is that I feel too “old” to be starting at the bottom :/ I have a degree and have been working full time for over a year now geez! And to have to start over somewhere else?? It’s the struggle let me tell you..

So then  I think to myself, if this is really a dream of mine, then why don’t I love ALL aspects of it?

If  this isn’t even a dream of mine because of that, how do I find it?!

Or how do I manage to compromise so that the part that I don’t like isn’t so bad?

If you can relate to this in ANY way please tell me about it. I’d love to see other’s insights.

I hope you have/had a beautiful day 😀